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Academia2Link offers young and mature students Education and Training opportunities, covering topics such as health and social care, nursing, business Studies, construction and more.

We support you in university by helping you with grants, funds, and tuition fees. We are based in London and work with many Universities across the UK.

Training and Education from Academia2Link 

With over 9 years’ experience, Academia2link (A2L) is an independent learning provider based in Colindale, London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Crawley.

We offer a broad range of training programmes with learners consistently achieving high success rates.

We deliver Apprenticeships and Traineeships, and also partner with universities and colleges. Over the years we have placed numerous learners with these Institutions.

We work closely with employers to ensure that all training programmes match their business priorities.

Setting clear objectives ensures our learners have a positive attitude to learning, enjoy their programmes and make good progress: A2L aims to enhance the opportunities and development of all our learners, and is committed to raising standards in adult learning and helping young people into employment.

Find Out How Our Dedicated Staff Can Help You Gain Entry to Graduate and Undergraduate Courses at Universities in The UK And Ireland.

Professional Service

Well Established

Expert Advice

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Business Studies 

A business degree opens so many opportunities. If you want to run a business or be involved in its operation, the courses we offer will give you the leg up and knowledge you need to succeed.

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Functional skills courses

If you want to complete a degree but are not sure if your qualifications will be suitable, our functional skills courses will make sure that you have the knowledge and the qualifications to thrive and move forward with your new vocation.

Group Of Happy Successful Doctors Standing In A Row At Hospital

Training and Career Development 

Ignite your professional growth with our Training and Career Development programmes. Our courses are tailored to enhance skills and unlock potential. Explore more now and take the next step toward a rewarding and fulfilling career!

Students Chatting

I got referred by a friend, and they helped my brother secure admission into Uni when we all literally thought he couldn’t make it to Uni this year anymore. I am glad he is now Uni. Services were swift and professional.

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University Placement Services

Attaining a prestigious English-speaking university degree with Academia2Link is your gateway to a successful international career. Benefit from our vast network and admissions expertise.


Our placement services, spanning the UK and Ireland, match students with the ideal academic programmes. Academia2Link, organised by field of study, fosters strong connections with admissions professionals, enhancing placement opportunities.


Our dedicated specialists guide students across various disciplines, ensuring informed decisions for a successful academic journey. Trust Academia2Link to advise and place you in the best programmes, setting the foundation for a thriving international career.

Academia2Link specialises in the placement for both National and International Students to UK and Irish Colleges and Universities.

Academia2Link specialises in placing UK and international students in UK and Irish Colleges and Universities.

Through an annual review of admissions information and other advising resources, we help students articulate their study objectives and identify academic programmes that best suit their study plans.

We implement a three-stage process that will match the student to the programme. This process covers.

  • Application materials

  • Selecting and applying to university

  • Finalising placements


Academia2Link facilitates late placement by pre-identifying colleges or universities that will entertain late applications and/or reserve places for qualified applicants.

We can also fast-track placements into degree and non-degree program,es for those candidates identified late in the admission season.

Adults learning sign language in a classroom setting

Unlock financial opportunities with student finance and bursaries at Academia2link in London. 

Explore funding options and secure the support you need for your educational journey.

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